Monday, July 26, 2010

eye report...monday - july 26

* michael bastian shows the ladies love @ gant...

michael bastian, one of my fave menswear designer's, is branching out into womenswear for spring 2011, & i am t-t-totally obsessed with the line. he took inspiration from sex kitten marilyn monroe, & the styles of the geeky men she dated, & translated the look into a modern day preppy tomboy. i am so geeked to see the entire line!

* whatcourtneyworetoday...

secretly i'm intrigued by grunge bad girl courtney love. so when i heard she just launched a blog to document her daily fashion choices, my heart did a cartwheel. don't ask me why. it's something about her garbage pale chic that makes it all ok for me. check out her blog, whatcourtneyworetoday.

* betty white gets hood...

golden girls hot girl, betty white, is launching a line of hoodies & tees in august. these hoodies feature washable earbuds & a jack to plug into ipods & mp3 players. iiiiiinteresting....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

eye report...wednesday - july 21

* mjb eyewear...

the queen of "no drama", mary j. blige, is throwing shade with the launch of her new sunglasses line, melodies. the collection will go on sale in october & will consist of 4 styles. be on the lookout for it in bergdorf goodman & nordstrom!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

eye report...tuesday - july 20

* nyc's sidewalk catwalk...

nyc is a hot bed for fashion & art, & the city is combining the two to bring a public exhibition to broadway streets called, sidewalk catwalk. this is a dope art exhibit that showcases a collection of 33 mannequins each uniquely styled & designed by top fashion designers. the exhibit will be on display until september 3rd, & runs from herald square to times square. if you are in nyc, this is a must see!

* coco chanel back on the big screen...

yet another movie about coco chanel has hit theaters. this one is all about her passionate love affair with igor stravinsky & a little less about her as a fashion icon. check it if you're a die hard for cc.

Monday, July 19, 2010

eye report...monday - july 19

* v. beck's range...

fly girl, victoria beckham, has been named creative design executive at range rover. whaaaaaat????! her first project was the design of the special edition evoque model. i think me likey!

* rachel zoe, stylist to designer...

"i die"!! stylist to the stars, rachel zoe, is taking her incredible sense of style to another level, as she is set to launch her own fashion line for fall 2011. the rachel zoe collection will be a lifestyle brand of accessories, shoes, & apparel. i'm sure lil mama is gonna bring the heat!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

eye report...thursday - july 15

would you or wouldn't you wear this hooded swimsuit from american apparel? i think i'd give it a go.......with crazy stunner shades & sassy jewelry. uh huh!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

eye report...wednesday - july 14

* acne resort 2011 collection...

i just had to share this fly isssh with yall! acne always shuts the game down with their edgy pieces, & the resort collection for 2011 is giving me life!!!!!! geez!

Monday, July 12, 2010

eye report...monday - july 12

* urbanears + ehvonnae...

ladies, the fellas aren't the only one's who can have cool head phones. thanks to urbanears we can listen to our music via super cute & sleek vintage style headphones in various colors. shop the collection at

Friday, July 9, 2010

eye report...friday - july 9

* tomoko igarashi + ehvonnae...

japanese designer, tomoko igarashi, takes loads of chains & pearls & knots them into amazing one-of-a-kind necklaces! she only makes 1 of each design to ensure exclusivity, & each necklace is assigned an id #. a super cute copper dog tag charm of the id # hangs from the clasp of the necklace.

shop the collection at

Thursday, July 8, 2010

eye report...thursday - july 8

* tolani + ehvonnae...

a little neck love is all you need for those breezy summer nights on the beach or in the city on a restaurant patio; & they don't get chicer than the handmade tolani collection. tolani scarves are all the rage in hollywood amongst trend setting celebrities, & ehvonnae has a fab collection just for you! shop the collection at

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

eye report...wednesday - july 7

* super + ehvonnae...

alright ladies it is hot as a mofo outside, & there is no better way to shade the sun than with some ultra sleek sunglasses. don't follow what you see everyone else wearing. set your own trend with super sunglasses. this sick line of sunglasses is handmade in italy & ultra affordable for the cuteness & quality you get. shop the collection at

Friday, July 2, 2010

eye report...friday - july 2

* sisco family jewels + ehvonnae...

every once in a while a trend comes around that has staying power to make it a classic. hippie/boho chic brought about the re-emergence of bead bracelets that had women layering their wrists with baubles of beads across the world. i searched high & low for a brand that carried the absolute best in bead bracelets & came across the beauty that is sisco family jewels. these bead bracelets are the exception to the rule. all of the beads are made of natural stone & have a vintage accent bead or clasp closure. shop the collection at

Thursday, July 1, 2010

eye report...thursday - july 1

* sondra roberts, sr squared + ehvonnae...

i promise not to leave anyone out! every woman can surely fall in love with something fab from ehvonnae's extensive offering of accessories. i've touched on the edgy girl who likes to be ahead of the trend, now i bring to the classy woman with edge, sondra roberts. this handbag line gets it right! always on, or ahead of trend, with class for the more sophisticated woman; but never lacking the cool edge of what's hot in fashion. from the smallest clutch perfect for a wedding or a night out, to an oversized tote -- the leather is like butter & the silhouettes are necessary for what you need for spring & summer. shop the sondra roberts collection at

& let's not forget about the faux leather sister brand of sondra roberts called, sr squared.

super cute faux leather lizard print envelope clutches that can be used for whatever you choose...wallet, makeup bag, clutch...with a price tag that makes these babies great for gift giving. shop sr squared at