Saturday, January 30, 2010

eye report...thursday - jan.28 & friday jan.29...



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

eye report...wednesday - jan.27

* spring lovin...
last spring i fell in love with a floral lace up boot by marc jacobs & never could find the damn shoe in my size. ugh i hate when that happens! it even came in a seersucker version that i would have more than happily allowed to play second best, but.......noooo i couldn't get any seersucker love either! 
  • marc jacobs floral lace up boot

  • marc jacobs seersucker lace up boot

buuuuut maybe the fashion gods heard my cries & brought to me another floral lace up boot for this spring! i came across these jefferey campbell floral babies & they're ON SALE!!!!!!!!! talk about 3 time's a charm! scooooore!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

boys club...

fellas are you ready for this?! home delivery of your underwear!!!!!!!! simply sign up for auto-delivered hanes underwear, shirts, & socks from a company launched by two guys who believe that "shopping is to be avoided whenever possible." the roos show up every three months once you select your styles (i.e. briefs or boxers, crew or v-necks), color, size, & pack. there are four pack choices: (1)just socks, (2)either or - 2 pairs of underwear of 2 shirts (3)man pack - 2 pairs of underwear, 2 shirts, & 2 free pairs of socks, (4) & the macho pack - 3 pairs of underwear, 3 shirts, & 3 free pairs of socks. 

eye report...tuesday - jan.26

* it's cool to recycle...

alright yall i've come across something so cool that i think can serve each & every one of you & will make you smile. i'm sure you have an old sweater that you love because of the texture or print design, but maybe it just doesn't fit any longer. WAIT!!! DON'T THROW IT AWAY!! i've found the perfect solution for you in the super cute site you send in your old sweater & they will turn it into something else for you, like a handmade scarf, & ship it back within 7-10 business days! now that's love! 

Monday, January 25, 2010

eye report...monday - jan.25

* bohemian beauty...

yves saint laurent has gone & designed a collection of rings that have been deemed irresistible in my life. 

these arty rugged gold cut rings are perfect for the natural stone accessory trend that will be big for spring & summer. the stones are truly mesmerizing & the look is oh so vintage!! beautiful & classy with just the right amount of ruggedness to be edgy for a chic like me.!

  • ysl arty aventurine ring

  • ysl arty metal pinky ring

Friday, January 22, 2010

eye report...friday - jan.22

* maya luz slave to fashion...
i was watching episode 2 of project runway last night but did a quick recap of episode 1. i noticed something that i didn't see before from episode 1 that really made me wish i had i don't -- don't judge me! anywho, designer/contestant maya luz caught my attention with her mysterious demeanor & dark pin up style. but i noticed something else about her. she was carrying a handbag that was SICK!!! i grabbed my macbaby & googled miss thing to find out more about the bag. it's a purse inspired by a ball & chain. maaaaan this thing is ridiculous!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

my new do...

i just got home from a day of beauty! yeeeeah!! i started off at indra salon for a cut by miss tai, & jetted over to sweet lily spa for a mani to show off my beauty of a vintage ring that i absolutely lost my mind over on a soho street one night. check your girls new do...

boys club...

geeeez this dudes style is ridamniculous! i never really paid attention to it until the other night when a pair of boots that he wore came up in conversation.  now some of you guys may not agree with me but i am prepared to debate you on this one to the death. 

  • in his louboutins

  • in his comme des garcons

  • in his riding boots

  • & dammit rocking his purple alligator skin birkin bag!! fashion & confidence go hand in hand!!

eye report...thursday - jan.21

* cloak love...
lindsey thornburg is killing the game right now with her ridiculous cloaks! i'm so in love with them even tho the price point is above my head.....eeeeek! these babies are definitely serving as inspiration for me to find one that is just as fly & affordable. i've found a few but still open to others...

  • lindsey thornburg

  • my finds  
londoner draped toggle cape $248

dubliner knit wool cape $118

incognito hooded anorak $198

manifest southwestern top $58

palette swirl jacket $88

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

eye report...wednesday - jan.20

boys boys boys....
things are looking great for you for fall! i've fallen head over heels in love with the shearling jackets from buberry & the ultra chic ski wear from d&g. ummmmm the d&g tuxedo paired with ski boots look= killer!!!!!!!! so fellas the focus is on shearling coats, dope utility boots, structured peacoats, chunky nordic knit scarves & bomber jackets, & super cool layers for the slopes.  

  • burberry fall 2010

  • d&g fall 2010 (watch the full video dude - trust me!)