Tuesday, November 17, 2009

eye report...tuesday - nov.17

* ms. stefani gets technical...

gwen stefani's line, l.a.m.b., & harajuku lovers are partnering with apple on a collection of macbook sleeves, iphone cluthes, gadget pouches, & laptop totes. the collection hits stores this month at apple, bloomingdales, nordstrom, & macys. super cute!!

* sasha goes gaga with video phone...

b!!!!!!!!!! i'm totally loving this video...simply because you have my girl featured, ms lady gaga! beyonce is looking fabo! yay!!!!!!! lol! but i mean it's not like she had a choice because anytime the lady g is around, you bes bring your top grade fashion game! the fashion is incredible! i'm loving it top to bottom girls!

* thank you mo!!!!!!!!...
today a friend of mine, monique rogers, put me on to accessory & shoe designer melodi ehsani, & i'm head over freaking heels!! i've seen melodi's jewelry around on various celebrities such as ciara, rihanna, kerri hilson, kelis, & erykah badu, but i never knew who the designer was behind the dope work. her collection is reminiscent of comic book graphics & the round the way girl of the 80's. 

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  1. i love her stuff. found a pair of shoes this week i'm gong to buy. be sure to peep her blog as well.