Monday, February 8, 2010

eye report...monday- feb.8

* phone tapped by dvf...

telephone wires made a vibrant statement in diane von furstenberg's tribal goddess spring collection. she sourced these bright beauty's from south africa's senzokuhle wire company & i think they are incredible!!! stack em on for the full effect!

* alice + olivia= keds...

another callabo with keds, alice + olivia, are giving their flare to the line with these sequined babies. the black pair are fab!! the keds company is trying to give converse a run for their money in the dressed down fashionista world for those days when we want to chill. i'm liking it!! as a little girl, i wore my keds to death until my big toe started peeking thru the canvas.....although i still didn't want to throw them away because i liked the hole. hehehehe! i was a rebel & a fashionista at 4.....what can i say? i try to take care of mine a little better nowadays tho. i think i'm doing ok....

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  1. awwww....this is taking me back in time. Those bracelets reminds me of those things we slapped around our wrist back in the day.

    awwww....the keds, I loved mines so much! I'd bleach them to death and didnt want to discard them even when they turned "yellowish" from over bleaching!! LOL!!! Thx for the trip down memory lane Britt!!