Monday, March 29, 2010

eye report...monday - march 29

* letter from a reader...
hi babes!! i wanted to share a letter i received today from a reader of my blog. she attended a wedding & referred to a post i shared a while back on the dress rental service, rent the runway. ms. kia sutton looks fab in her dress & i'm soooo pleased to know that i was her go to source to find just what she was looking for. i would love to hear from other readers who may have tried out something i've posted about. thanks for your letter k-babe & stay fly......xoxoxoxo!

March 29, 2010 

Hi Brittanie Yvonne: 

Let me start by saying that I just LOVE your blog! I’ve seen others but yours is by far my fav, from the layout to the content. You never fail to bring hot ish to the fashionably challenged and to those who need some ideas to expand on. Once you post the hot trends, I look for those that are a little easier on my purse. Now when I hit the mall or surf the web, I know exactly what I’m looking for and what look I’m trying to achieve with certain pieces. 

Some time ago you posted a piece about this rental service called Rent the Runway.  Well, I tried it out and I must say that I loved it! I rented a Tibi dress for a wedding that I attended this weekend with my boyfriend and it was a hit! I received compliments about the dress all night!  Had you not mentioned it on your blog I would have never ever ever known about such a fantastic thing. Whoever thought of such an ingenious idea?! I cannot begin to tell you how many “one time” dresses I have in the back of my closet. Being seen in the same dress twice is a big no-no!  

I will most definitely use this service again. It’s absolutely fabulous! I trusted your eye to bfly and I rocked!!!! Thanks for keeping me posted! 



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