Monday, March 22, 2010

eye report...tuesday - march 23

* isabel toledo does payless...

the designer behind michelle obama's inaugural dress, isabel toledo, will be debuting a collaborative effort with payless shoes in september. this announcement is truly a shocker because isabel is known for her design skill of runway fashion. this woman is truly a genius! she sketches absolutely nothing...instead she articulates her ideas to her husband, ruben toledo (the incredible artist who does all of the nordstrom ads), who then conveys her ideas while she takes fabric & begins draping as she is speaking. by the time she finishes draping, ruben's sketch is complete. some may call this "backwards," but i call it genius. she's an incredible woman with a sweet nature, & i can't wait to see what this collabo will bring to the masses.

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  1. yay this is awesome, and the part about her method is really cool