Friday, October 30, 2009

crazy cool japa-mani in 3d...

i have fallen in mad love with japanese 3d nail art! i love anything dealing with fashion that has that "WTF?!" wow factor. valley nails nyc hooks my 10 little babies up when i want to stray away from the everyday solid color manicure & opt for head turning art. if you want to give this a try, be ready to sit for a while for your mani because everything is hand painted & skillfully done. perfect for halloween or just because! spice up your life!!!

  • my past manis
(the flowers in the pic above are actually colored acrylic that was shaped into flowers...sick!)

  • the way the japanese girls really serve it up in 3d

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  1. One of my friends who had been living in Japan had a toned down version or the flowers done for her wedding. It was FAB!