Tuesday, October 20, 2009

eye report...tuesday - oct.20

* cheap chic love...
this recession is a fool, but fashion is becoming super affordable & that makes me happy! big name designers are now being forced to create lines that appeal to the everyday consumer, as opposed to only the rich & famous. as posted yesterday, jimmy choo is collaborating with h&m on a capsule collection. today i am just as stoked to tell you that two more high fashion lines are becoming shopper friendly with contemporary lines & collabos.
  • moschino

known for fun fashion, the designer label moschino, will be launching an accessories line for spring called love moschino. the love moschino accessories collection makes the luxury brand moschino handbag available at a more affordable price. yippee!!!

  • jean paul gaultier

designer collaborations with discounted retailers put a smile on my face. this one i can't believe though....really?!....jean paul gaultier for target?!?!!!! somebody pinch me & say it ain't so! coming to 250 target stores nationwide, the designer collection collabo will make its debut on march 7th & be available through april 11th.  

* coocoo for coco...

fashion lovers, brace yourselves for coco before chanel. this will be my weekend matinee movie, & i think it's going to be a beauty. this movie is creating a chanel craze of tributes across the country. the luxury nyc retailer, bergdorf goodman, revealed its special installation tribute to chanel today on its second floor called secrets of the chanel jacket. the story of the iconic chanel jacket is showcased with archival pieces of its creation, as well as handbags & accessories on display. check out the bergdorf goodman 5th avenue window displays featuring oversize props of a quilted chanel handbag, chanel hangers, buttons, & jacket. i love it!

* toys for boys...

fellas i know you love these brands of speed so i thought you would be interested to know that all three are launching collections that include jewelry, small gift items, desk pieces, & cool gadgets. ferrari, ducati, & maserati have teamed up with the damiani jewelry company, & all three collections will be unveiled at the end of march. 
  • the ferrari collection will range from silver & gold cufflinks, money clips, gold bracelets adorned with charms in the shape of steering wheels & tires, a diamond pendant shaped like the horse logo, desk sets, & paperweights.
  • maserati's line will have similar offerings as ferrari but will also feature steel cufflinks with a single tiny diamond.
  • the ducati collection will target the younger customer of bikers with gold, silver, & steel bracelets, key chains, & cool gadgets. 

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