Wednesday, October 14, 2009

eye report...wednesday - oct.14

* grey gardens...
it's crazy how inspirations come to me for trends! this morning i woke up to my dog jumping at the side of my bed begging for his walk. i grabbed a scarf to throw on my head to cover up my ridiculous bed head on my way out the door. when i returned to my apartment, i looked in the mirror & instantly thought of the head scarves edie beale wore in the movie grey gardens. there is so much fashion relevance in this documentary, turned broadway play, turned movie revealing the turn of events in the lives of jackie o's aunt & first cousin. i absolutely love little edie's eclectic style in the movie (played by drew barrymore), the way she put together outfits from clothes she had stashed away in her delapidated east hampton home's attic, & the broaches she gracefully donned on her head scarves. this documentary is definitely one to see!

~edie beale

~drew barrymore as edie beale

~magazine shoot paying homage to edie beale's style

~john galliano's runway interpretation of edie beale's style

~my headscarf from this morning's dog walk that inspired this post 

* inspiration from the runway...
  • daytime frisky femininity - victoria ain't a secret anymore!
~viktor & rolf

~ christian dior

~ victoria's secret

* armani will make everyone drool... 
sex kitten megan fox is the new face of armani & will be appearing in the empirio armani underwear & armani jeans campaigns. these ads will begin running worldwide in january & are sure to come with a cold shower disclaimer. 

* heaven for an nyc shoe lover...


* korea's fly girls...
south korea's 5 girl pop group, wonder girls, has a really dope retro image & fashion sense!

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