Friday, January 15, 2010

boys club...

* warhol's brogue by ferragamo...
pop artist, andy warhol, loved salvatore ferragamo shoes. he wore a pair of brown ferragamo brogue's that were said to be his favorites. the brogues were collected after warhol's death & showcased in a museum along with some of his other most prized possessions. the shoes are very worn in & splattered with paint, indicative of this geniuses great works of art. ferragamo has taken the original brogues & recreated an updated version for you fellas that will hit stores in march. it's up to you to break them in & make them your own. 
  • andy warhol's original

  • salvatore ferragamo's recreation


  1. Let's hear it for the boys!!!!

  2. Love those shoes! Andy Warhol was quite chic.