Tuesday, January 12, 2010

eye report...tuesday - jan.12

* louis baby...
marc jacobs really gave us a spring/summer accessory line to fall in love with ladies! the color combos are amazing & so nostalgic on the purses!!! i don't usually like monogrammed handbags but check out some of my faves from the line.....

* in the game of fashion...

kors, klum, & gunn are the next video game heroes for the nintendo wii & ds, as project runway is turning even more competitive & going virtual on march 2nd. yes ladies i am guilty of owning a (pink) nintendo ds.......so what, don't judge me.......i'm a big kid. lol! i love my super mario brothers games, but the project runway game is a little different. it's not about winning or losing but more about simulation. might be kind of interesting.....


  1. loving that first bag! and cant wait to see the project runway game in person.

    thanks for the email. stop by my blog some time


    Vi from Cali

  2. You have a sweet blog! Thanks for telling me about it. And I just love marc jacobs!

    juliet xxx