Thursday, January 21, 2010

boys club...

geeeez this dudes style is ridamniculous! i never really paid attention to it until the other night when a pair of boots that he wore came up in conversation.  now some of you guys may not agree with me but i am prepared to debate you on this one to the death. 

  • in his louboutins

  • in his comme des garcons

  • in his riding boots

  • & dammit rocking his purple alligator skin birkin bag!! fashion & confidence go hand in hand!!


  1. Yea P is dope...But if I had that much money to spend on clothing I'd be way fresher.

  2. yea the clothing could be better but the shoe game....bananas!

  3. Yes he's hot to deff! If J had dollars he might be hotter... (I Do think that but P's Hot). Hey, did you here we are opening a Men's store?