Friday, January 8, 2010

eye report...friday - jan.8

* a trip down the rabbit hole & through the looking glass...

nostalgia in the flyest sense of the word....tim burton's alice in wonderland is sure to rock the socks of fashion lovers! set to release in march, tim b's reinterpretation of this disney classic is visually stimulating & highly influential in fashion, as designers are taking inspiration from the movie's updated victorian looks of the characters & vivid colors of wonderland. 

  • alice - played by mia wosikowska - tim b's updated alice is an ode to the victorian roots with whimsical touches of the animated character's tea length dress. i love tim b's updated alice with the addition of fingerless gloves & white booties. she appears a bit haunting & tim b!

  • the mad hatter - played by johnny depp (my fave!!) - jd always rocks out in roles where he can allow for his quirkiness to naturally shine through. he is taking me back to edward scissor hands & drop dead fred (because of the red hair) with this one :~}. tim b's version of the mad hatter is way more psychedelic & frightening, yet fashionable, than either of the previous two imaginings of the character. i love the play with prints & colors in his wardrobe. i'm loving his tripped out hair & makeup too!

  • tweedledee & tweedledum - played by matt lucas - i'm reminded of the adams family with tim b's update of these two!! i love their menacing look with the black & white prison stripes & touch of red suspenders. 

  • ahhhhh yes....the red queen - played by helena bonham carter - i know you're supposed to despise the meanie in the movie but tim b's updated red queen looks amazing! how can anyone deny her red heart-shaped geisha style lipstick, candy apple red hair, or her fashion in general?! visually, tim b's updated character reminds me a bit of designer mogul carolina herrera; particularly because the red queen wears crisp white shirts with her gown, as such is herrera's signature style.

  • carolina herrera

  • the white queen - played by anne hathaway - tim b's updated character appears to me a mix between frida kahlo, because of the dark pronounced eyebrows, & gwen stefani, because of the pale skin, platinum blonde hair, & crimson red lipstick. she looks great!

  • wonderland - a great color palette of jewel tones, whimsical pastels, innocence, darkness, & psychedelic fantasy.

disney unveiled the first glimpse of a capsule fashion collection, taking inspiration from the alice in wonderland movie, to an unsuspecting crowd at the magic trade show in las vegas. the line is set to release in conjuction with the movie's release date in march...

inspiration from the runway...

  • versace spring 2010

  • john galliano spring 2010

  • viktor & rolf spring 2010


  1. I'm really excited about this movie! great post, thanks for the e-mail, and be sure to check us out too!

    x x x

  2. that's really cool how you compared the three different versions of alice in wonderland in pictures! can't wait for it to come out.

  3. my god!
    well,versace´s shapes,colours,prints,vinyl....reminds me, the brand new goldy 60´s,in l´a cote d´azur,st tropez.....i love it,evokes pure sensuality,luxury and of course that rebel virtue.interesting your spot,thank´s for the e-mail and we will see back soon.