Friday, January 22, 2010

eye report...friday - jan.22

* maya luz slave to fashion...
i was watching episode 2 of project runway last night but did a quick recap of episode 1. i noticed something that i didn't see before from episode 1 that really made me wish i had i don't -- don't judge me! anywho, designer/contestant maya luz caught my attention with her mysterious demeanor & dark pin up style. but i noticed something else about her. she was carrying a handbag that was SICK!!! i grabbed my macbaby & googled miss thing to find out more about the bag. it's a purse inspired by a ball & chain. maaaaan this thing is ridiculous!!


  1. OMG...that purse is SICK!!! Just SICK i tell you!

  2. I didn't know there was a new season of Project Runway on. Ha, I'll definately have to tune in. That purse is amazing.

  3. Britt your eyeballs never cease to amaze me! All hail Britt's eyes! LMAO! Sorry feeling really silly! This purse has me going..not over it yet.